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WCAX Burlington, VT 8/16/2011

The workday starts early for Morgan Morano, making fresh gelato the way they do in Italy. The Hanover business owner lived in the country for 6 years.

"The hot process entails a base from scratch. I use a combination of different sugars and liquids, water, cream; Sicilian-style so it is much less butterfat," Morano explained.

Minutes after it's made, the dessert hits the display case in Morano Gelato. There are various flavors each day, most of which are sourced from local farms.

Morano said, "A lot of places throughout America take a lot of shortcuts because they don't have the time, they don't have the passion, they don't have the energy and they want to save money, and that is why there isn't that great gelato."

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Morano Gelato

Morano Gelato is a New England-based company dedicated to promoting the art of true Italian gelato-making. For directions or contact information for one of our locations, please click here.